Self initiated project for the exhibition 'Water' at the Copeland Gallery during London Design Festival

Photography: Dan Weill / SDD

Year: 2017

Water is one of the most abundant materials on earth, yet mostly taken for granted. Therefore, when asked to create new work for an exhibition that put water front, right and centre of its focus, I knew it had to be about the life sustaining properties of water.

The result is Fenster Farm — a compact greenhouse that can be mounted outside apartment windows, where space is at a premium.
The projecting platform collects rainwater, which is stored in the basin at the bottom. A solar panel creates electric energy, pumping the water to the top. From there it drips down through a series of perforated floors, irrigating the contents of the grow shelves.

In combination with a rechargeable battery and programmable timer switch, Fenster Farm can sustain crops even during extended times of absence.

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